Delta Kinetic

Designers and manufacturers of innovative motion systems for training, industry & entertainment


Using motion simulation in vehicle training produces a fully immersive and realistic learning environment. Whether the vehicle is on land, water, or in the air, we aim to replicate the motion and surroundings so that operators, and even passengers, can learn their skill safely and efficiently.


Motion systems play a key role in many industries. We understand the need for efficiency and longevity in motion components and actuators used in industrial machinery, construction & agricultural equipment, medical equipment, and automated process systems.


Motion simulators provide a truly memorable experience in VR Arcades and other location based entertainment venues. We can provide off the shelf and bespoke solutions, including games software, to give your VR Arcade an edge.

Built to last

We use innovative engineering design and the best quality components & in-house manufacturing processes to produce systems that are efficient and elegant, yet able to withstand years of punishment.

Off the shelf

We also offer off the shelf components to enable you to build your own motion system.

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